Can Your Church Help Your Community?

As the Church, we believe that we are called to take action when we see the needs of other (James 2:15-17).

A Few Things Nova Scotian Communities Need

As identified by the organizations serving Nova Scotian communities

Micro-shelter Hosting


Tiny Home Hosting


Emergency Winter Shelter for Women Hosting


 Warming Centre Hosting


Learn more about Nova Scotian community needs with Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Robert Strang, Kevin Hooper (United Way Halifax), and Michelle Porter (Souls Harbour Rescue Mission). 

What You Need to Know


  • To relay community needs to local churches, Aaron Ministries is working with organizations who serve Nova Scotia’s communities
  • These organizations have identified local needs and have asked the church for help
  • Our goal is to identify which churches and Christian groups can help in order to connect them with relevant organizations requiring their aid
  • Some of these listed projects require supporters today, others require willing participants in case the need arises
  • If you let us know below how you can/might help, we will reply with further info or your next steps


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