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We’re so glad you’ve come to visit us! The Aaron Ministries Network is a network of friends in ministry throughout Canada. We want to see church leaders across all denominations Encouraged, Focused, and Equipped for Harvest.

Connect with us on Engage

You can get all our new ministry content as it’s released on the Engage App, from our friends at Waybase. It’s a personal discipleship app that allows you to Learn, Act, Connect, & Reflect on meaningful Christian content from many ministries in one place. Available on iOS & Android.

A Provincial & National Movement

Our Vision is to see throughout all of Canada healthy leaders, leading healthy churches that transform communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our Mission is together as Canadian church leaders, to be Encouraged, Focused, and Equipped for harvest.

The Well


A monthly gathering of leaders in ministry throughout each region of Nova Scotia & across Canada.

Join us for a monthly online gathering of ministry leaders for a time of worship, encouragement, connection & prayer. Visit our Well page to get connected.

COVID-19 Updates for Churches

Do you have questions or comments for Nova Scotia’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Strang, regarding church relevant public health regulations?
Dr. Strang has joined Aaron Ministries in our partnership with WayBase to offer an easy system for church leaders to communicate their questions and comments via the WayBase platform. Dr. Strang’s replies to the collected questions will be uploaded to the official Department of Health and Wellness WayBase page so that all church leaders who follow the page can benefit from the answers to your questions! To submit your questions and recieve churh-specific updates, follow the link to the WayBase platform.

Join the Movement

Get plugged in to what God is doing in the local church across Canada. See how you can become part of the greater church movement, and our upcoming events.

Our Partner Ministries

A movement has to be made up of a broader group of people, and we can’t do what we do alone. Here are some of our partners in ministry.

Our Team

The team here at Aaron Ministries is comprised of volunteers from many different backgrounds, denominations and regions of Canada.


Dwight Habermehl

Executive Director

Rachel Habermehl

Communications Manager & Assistant to the Director

Caleb Habermehl

Media Producer

Brian Schrock

Truro Well Facilitator

Sweis Ubels

Middleton Well Facilitator

Chris Ivany

Halifax Well Facilitator

Jeff MacDougall

Board Member

Dr. Dusty Papke

Board Member

Jesiel Falcao

Board Member

Dr. Danny Smith

Network Moderator

Dr. Harry Gardner

Communication Team Lead

Reid Stairs

Network Journalist

Mariana Falco

Social Media Coordinator

Dr. Cheryl Ann Beals

Well Speaker

Esther Lysakovsky

Truro Well Facilitator

Spencer Conway

Halifax Well Facilitator

Louise MacGillivray

Board Member

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Bedford, NS B4A 4E9

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