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To see throughout Canada healthy leaders, leading healthy churches that transform communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ


Together as Canadian church leaders, to be Encouraged, Focused, and Equipped for harvest


  • The Kingdom of God
  • The local Church
  • Making Disciples
  • Empowering Leadership
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Authentic Relationships

We accomplish this by providing

made possible by our Partner Ministries

and our Aaron Ministries Team

Dwight Habermehl

Executive Director

Rachel Habermehl

Communications Manager & Assistant to the Director

Caleb Habermehl

Media Producer

Brian Schrock

Truro Well Facilitator

Sweis Ubels

Middleton Well Facilitator

Chris Ivany

Halifax Well Facilitator

Jeff MacDougall

Board Member

Dr. Dusty Papke

Board Member

Dr. Robert Foster

Board Member

Rev. Dr. Danny Smith

Network Moderator

Dr. Harry Gardner

Communication Team Lead

Reid Stairs

Network Journalist

Mariana Falcao

Social Media Coordinator

Esther Lysakovsky

Truro Well Facilitator

Spencer Conway

Halifax Well Facilitator

Louise MacGillivray

Board Member

Bruce Havill

Pray Nova Scotia Host

Jay McNeil

Pray Nova Scotia Coordinator