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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Aaron Ministry Network?

The Aaron Ministries Network is a network of friends in Christian ministry throughout Canada. We want to see church leaders across all denominations Encouraged, Focused, and Equipped for Harvest.

What does it mean to become a part of the Network?

Being a part of the Network simply means, getting connected with other church leaders, across many backgrounds, denominations, and regions. Encouraging each other in our calling, learning from each other and networking to grow the church in Canada.

How do I get connected?

To get connected in the network, connect with us on social media or join one of our monthly Well gatherings online via Zoom. There’s a few ways you can get the link to join our Zoom gathering. You can send us an email, give us a call, or sign up for our email newsletter.

What kind of resources does Aaron Ministries put out, and where do I find them?

We put out leadership encouraging & equipping talks from pastors in Nova Scotia to pastors in Nova Scotia (and the rest of Canada). We are also working on developing additional resources for leaders and their churches and those will be rolled out as they are completed.

How does becoming a part of the Network benefit my Ministry?

The Aaron Ministries Network is comprised of church leaders from every region of Nova Scotia, as well as many from across Canada. There’s no cost involved in joining, we rely solely on donations to stay active. Our goal is to encourage church leaders, get you connected with other church leaders in your area, and work together to strengthen the church in Canada.

What do my donations go towards?

We have 3 major categories most of our expenses fall under: Web Hosting, Operational, & Production costs. Our team operates on a part-time volunteer basis, so your donations are fueled directly into progressing the vision of seeing healthy leaders, leading healthy churches that transform communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you want more details go to our GIVE page, or if you have further questions send us an email at