“Unforced Rhythms for the Leader’s Soul”
Rev. Dr. Cheryl Ann Beals, Director of Clergy Formation & Wellness for the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada.   

Friday, May 15, 1-4 pm

The current COVID crisis is putting strain on leaders that is outside the box of normal leadership stress. High levels of screen time, long hours on zoom, uncertain future impacts on the church and personal life, rapid change and adjustments and more! These are the things that are beginning to create wear on our souls. The Bible says to “Guard our heart¬†for it is the well spring of life”. It is mission critical to be conducting the proper care of our soul especially in times like this, so we can lead out of abundance. Cheryl Anne will take us through a practical afternoon of coaching and applications for the effective emotional and spiritual care of our souls in this time.¬†

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